And the Emmy award goes to… Wesley!


OMG… I can just squeeze him till he pops! And what a drama queen (yeah, you heard me… QUEEN).

I have to preface this with Riley is so good with him. He was a little possessive of his toys for about a week, but now he even lets Wesley eat out of his food bowl now.

HOWEVER, the first time Wesley went to Riley’s food bowl, Riley growled at him sending Wesley into full ‘bitty barking’ panic attack mode… it was HYSTERICAL. At first, I thought that Riley had bitten him or something, he freaked so big and ran around the kitchen in circles and I scooped him up, frantically searching for injury, only to have him continue to ‘bitty bark’ for another 3 minutes until he finally calmed down.

So we’ve come to find out that Wesley has a bit of a flair for the dramatic. If he even *thinks* he might be stepped on or if you pick him up wrong he lets out a yell… he’s lucky that he’s so dang cute!

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