PAWS for People volunteer Wesley!

Wesley Therapy Dog #WesleyTherapyDog

Wesley and I attended the Adoption Weekend event at PetSmart this weekend!

Wesley Therapy Dog #WesleyTherapyDog

Lots of fun, saw lots of cut dogs from area shelters and groups and we gave out literature about PAWS for People. It was a lot of fun!

When I first got there, I wasn’t clear on what to do at first… and people came and interviewed Wesley for what I ended up realizing was interest to adopt him! Noooooo… so, I wised up and took the initiative to introduce myself and Wesley as volunteers for PAWS for People and asked them if they had a pet and answered questions. Met some very nice people that I hope to see again!

Wesley was SO wiped out by the end of the day. I don’t know that I’ve seen him so tired. We were there for about 3 hours total and it was a 30 minute drive from home. Will definitely do it again!

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