Looks like surgery is needed…

Riley's sorry not sorry

Actually, this DOESN’T need a ‘Whodunnit’ caption… I know whodunnit–Riley dunnit. He murders every stuffy in the house.

Uninsured Rabbit
Uninsured Rabbit

Wesley got a new stuffed lovey at Jennersville Pets & Friends yesterday along with a second one (a cow, now in witness protection) at half off.

The worst is that Riley doesn’t even have the nerve to look sorry.


He saw me freak out at all the stuffing all over the place and took it as his queue to leave and put himself in his (very comfy crate) and ride out mom’s storm [READ: till the b* chills].

Poor Wesley can’t have a stuffy, well, except for one tiny, grimy pink bunny he’s had since he was small that is missing both ears and a leg and has been sewn back together umpteen times. I thought it was time to replace it.

Well, I bought a ‘gentle leader’ for Riley that he will be learning with starting this week. No more dragging me down the road on a walk. So, remedial manners is in order. I’m trying to get Tony to work with him to join the PAWS for People program.

Riley knows his commands, he just can’t be bothered most of the time… and refuses to walk on a leash. I’ve read that Irish Setters are independent and strong willed–YES. Yes, they are.

But he is very loving and very attentive which (despite strong willed) would make him an excellent therapy dog.

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  1. Amanda Coughlin

    PoorWells! But with murder must be motive! Riley must be a tad jealous! 😀😂🤣

    1. The Little Woman

      Nah, he used to rip up his own toys… had to get the squeaky thing… need to remove stuffing… grrr. It’s a compulsion. I chose that toy design because it had (I thought) strong fabric and not very plushy.

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