I’m in love

Wesley, Cavalier King Charles SpanielIt is definitely true love from the start!

Wesley, Cavalier King Charles SpanielMeet Wesley… all 2 lbs. 14 oz. of love sponge. I have always loved spaniels–I had an English Springer for 14 years–but I can’t take another big dog.

It kind’ve came on suddenly–but we’ve talked about getting another dog. I’ve admired my sister’s Cavalier King Charles spaniel and so I visited a breeder not too far for us, whose dog had just had her first litter. I realized after taking him home, that Wesley’s photo was the one used on the website to show off the litter–our own little ‘cover boy!’

OMG, I could have taken them ALL that day if I could have afforded it. Wesley snuggled in my arms and licked my face “take me home” he said… but he was too young, he was literally a DAY away from 8 weeks so I came back first thing to pick him up on the big day!

The first issue was that he was so small, we had to cut the grass lower so he could even walk on it, LOL! He is seriously the size of a kitten!

He gets along fabulously with Riley, our 4 year old Irish Setter… if not a bit annoyingly excited about him. Ah, what goes around, Riley my friend… what GOES AROUND…

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