I am–like many–an overworked mother. I have four grown children (five including Prince Charming). And for the record (other than my MS meds), I am actually NOT on any medication.

However, one day, I was particularly embarrassing to one of my children and she grabbed my arm and said to her friends “I’m sorry about my mom, she hasn’t taken her meds…” Thus, the code-words in public ‘momma’s off her meds’ mean to get me out of a situation that embarrasses them (which is actually every time I take a breath for some).

The impetus to begin this blog was originally to hold myself accountable for my desire to lose weight (and make my friends hold me accountable!).

I’m still trying to get a in groove and experience a life changing SOMETHING that will make me WANT to exercise and eat vegetables.  Nothing is happening yet.  At this point, I see the ladies at the “Y” looking invigorated and happy while they jog at high speed… and it makes me want to just kick the cord out of the wall and see them lurch forward over the front of the LED panel (while of course I look shocked).  Until then, I will control those tendencies and concentrate on positive self-help habits (but that WOULD be funny, wouldn’t it?)

I excel in snark. I realized a long time ago, that a certain amount of humor is needed to get through life. I realize that some my articles are more like, well, rants, but in the attempt to be more positive, I will try to do so with humor. If you are easily offended, leave now. I am who I am at this point in my life and I don’t worry about who wants to be my friend anymore, LOL!

A choice I made recently was to join PAWS for People in Newark, Delaware, as a therapy team with my dog Wesley (WesleyTherapyDog.com). I can’t tell you how much I get out of the volunteer work that I do with them. And just a note, none of my snark or stories represent PAWS officially or unofficially, all comments and opinions reflect my own personal ones.


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