Achieved my Master’s… !

Wesley Therapy Dog @AGISOkay, well Master’s Certification¬†from PAWS for People if you want to be all technical about it! And Wesley and I were both tested and earned it jointly.

I was bragging to my eldest, who I thought would be more supportive since she just earned her Master’s from Drexel, but she was actually quite snobbish that hers was superior. Laughing at my ridiculousness. Well, I know that I’m less educated than her, but Wesley and my Master’s didn’t come with all the debt, so who really is the smarter one?

So, I’ll just buy us a larger frame than her Master’s diploma and see who’s better THEN¬†(because that’s how it works, right?)

It’s really not a big deal, LOL, but it allows Wesley and I to be part of visiting at Nemours Children’s hospital and other sites that require more training and seniority on the part of therapy teams.

Above is Wesley reading with a child at the local Avon Grove Intermediate School. Such a joy to visit with the kids, seems like yesterday that my own kids went there. Where did the time go, right?

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Follow Wesley Therapy Dog’s adventures on Facebook at is a non-profit organization located in Newark, Delaware, that provides individualized, therapeutic visitation with a loving pet, serving DE, MD, PA & NJ. Most members are volunteers with their personal pets. To join or get involved, contact PAWS directly. Check out their website for volunteer opportunities.

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