What doesn’t kill you…

HaveMSSaw Dr. Newsome at the MS Clinic at Johns Hopkins yesterday. He’s such a cool person and nice doctor.  I’m still symptom free and so he thinks the meds are working… I think that it just might be that they are wrong and I don’t even have it. I will continue taking my meds and we will agree to disagree. Had a great day at Inner Harbor, Baltimore, with Prince Charming, it was a beautiful day and we ate lunch outside overlooking a lovely old sailing ship.

Seeing people in more advanced stages gets me thinking about what I feel about what might be in my future. Saw an article today. I’ve been thinking that ever since I looked into MS, I hear ‘don’t worry you don’t die from it,’ but if I had a nickel for every obituary that says ‘…complications from MS’ I’d be rich. So ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you just want to be dead?’

My heart goes out to Sherri Muzher and hope that she gets her wish, and I believe that her wishes should be respected–unfortunately they probably won’t be. I also think that it should be private and between her, her family and her doctors. This doesn’t need government ‘monitoring.’ I think the trouble comes in when the government seeks to oversee medical choices. For the record, I don’t ever want to end up like her and if that looks possible, I’ll have my own ‘final exit’ strategy in place first.

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  1. Khayrie

    Thank you so much Amy for sharing your story. I do hope everything for you will go well.

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