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Holiday Candy Gifts

Where have I been?  Well, up to my elbows in chocolate… which is a family tradition for the Celona family.

For about 20 years now, I have made candy as gifts to friends and neighbors (that live near enough to deliver by hand).  I have included not only the photo, but an ‘extreme’ closeup (when you click on it).

I say that I make it, but it is truly a family affair and there are no shortage of teenage girls these days to help with chocolates to be made. Making chocolate houses...

My daughter Katherine who was ’tiling’ the roof with non-pareils, the walls were molded by my daughter Sarah & her friend Brittany.   And you can see below also the ‘before & after’ shots of the houses in construction.

UPDATE:  I found the exact mold I use for the house.  CLICK HERE to view it.  I took candy making classes at the Chocolate Duck 20 years ago and am excited they are still in business.  They also sell the Merkens chocolate melts.   And I use a (secret) mixture of milk & dark chocolate (if I tell you, I’d have to kill you).  And of course go over the top in decorating.

Homemade CandyOther candy that I make is homemade butter crunch, almond bark, milk chocolate covered caramels and dark chocolate covered coconut chews.

This year I have been especially thinking of those loved ones not with us anymore.  I had a favorite uncle who loved my chocolates and getting a house… he introduced me to my love of “Special Dark” chocolate at age 8!    I’m sure he’s in heaven and getting a big Special Dark chocolate bar for Christmas.

I miss my grandmother, Katherine (my daughter photo’d above was named for her).  I wish my kids had gotten to meet her.  She was an amazing woman and mentor and I know I’ll miss her forever.  And my parents made me *crazy*,  but it is funny that some of the stuff that gets you crazy suddenly isn’t so important after they are gone (almost immediately actually… crazy how that works).

A Merry Christmas to all of you, my customers, downline, my blog readers (a few stalkers…LOL!)   I wish all of you love and peace and happiness.

Kids grow too fast and life flies by at too fast … so my advice is to just slow down (and eat your chocolate sitting).  And if you are waiting for a Christmas card from me… I’m *almost* done…

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