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Laundry's done!I have been WANTING SO BADLY to get a cleaning person for years… no kidding. I mean someone to do cRaZy things like DUST and detail clean the kitchen!!! And last year, my neighbor turned me on to two ladies who have been working for her for a several years. The amount they are asking is insanely low, and they do flat fee for however long it takes to finish the job (!!!!!).

Prince Charming (in the past) has flatly put his foot down. He will not pay for someone to clean the house (because it appears to be my job–HUH?).

Well, the reality is that the kids (that are still home) can barely (read: CAN’T) keep their own personal spaces clean… and I while I work at home, I work a lot and my income contributes significantly to our household finances. You REALIZE that if I worked out of the house, it would not be a question… so, I considered just hiring them and not saying anything, but trust me when I say that he *would* notice. Finally, with the holidays coming and negotiating some extra income with one of my clients… I know we not only CAN afford it, but it just might save my sanity.

So, the other day, I simply TOLD him that I was hiring them. I told him that I am willing to give up eating out on Friday nights and those whirlwind weekend trips– Ooops! We don’t do those things, so I guess we’re all good!

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