What do they know really?

Well, I promised Prince Charming that if Johns Hopkins says I have MS that I will finally accept it. I’ve been putting off going and they’ve moved out the appointment so many times (seriously, it took 7 mos. to get in) that I thought that was a SIGN.

Unfortunately, despite how he would ‘concur with my current diagnosis,’ I’ve decided that I am leaving this ‘open for discussion’ anyway. The doctor is actually FINE with that–I don’t have to accept it (as long as I stay on the medication and see him regularly). I like him, he plays ball.

I was extremely impressed at his knowledge of MS and the medication I was on–its measurable success, etc., and he just acted like he was my doctor now (ordering more tests and making follow up appointments)… but that leaves me with TWO neurologists. Prince Charming wants me to stay with super doc at Johns Hopkins and I think so too… but how to tell Dr. D?  I can count on like ONE finger how many doctors that I like… grrr…

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