Week 1 with my FitBit


WEEK 1 with my FitBit = Time for the BIG GUNS.

Warning… if you are OCD, you’ll want to stay away from this particular device! I’ve been crazy enough to get on an elliptical at 10 pm just to get my 10,000 steps in… cRaZy sh*t that I would normally NEVER do without a gun at my head.

But overall, I’m loving it. It is helping me at a critical time… I’ve lost 14 lbs. [as of a week and a half ago] and I am holding steady despite exercise every day and carefully watching calories. At this point (~April 1st annually), I am usually SO OVER my fit of ‘getting fit this year’ and I think it is just the reminder/distraction to keep me on task. In the past, an almost 2 week plateau would be enough to have me throw in the towel.

I know, I know… it didn’t come on overnight, it isn’t going to leave in 3 mos. (but really God? Who would it hurt if you just did me a solid on this?). So,  I have 43 more lbs. to go, but I know that in 15-20 lbs., I feel WAY better about the way I look.

And about the plateau (that makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my scale…). I’ve been spoiled losing ~1 lb. a week and I can tell myself I am building muscle which is heavier… blah… blah… blah…

I’m a quantitative type of girl. I want stats and I want a steady consistent decline (much like my savings and my looks, well, you get the idea).

Anyway I would write more but I am at 8,700 steps to go and still need 1,300 more… so I gotta go for now!

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