On the wagon, off the wagon… who’s counting?

HeroicDeathHorizSo, you mostly missed the part where I got back on the wagon (last post) and then fell off (until yesterday).

I ended up losing 9 lbs. between November 15th and December 31st, 2013 and then literally going to the Y twice the beginning of January and falling off the wagon (with a thump that I think might have caused a small quake).

I’m tired of being tired. I’m crazy annoyed with myself that I didn’t keep going… I can’t help thinking if I didn’t stop where I would be. Grrr. Well, in January, I went out of town to visit friends for 5 days and ALSO tripped down the steps and killed both knees (then a few weeks after that, tripped UP the stairs). I have pain in my right knee and no feeling in part of my lower right leg… even now after 2 mos.

Pain, tiredness, the cold weather and snow all conspired to help me give into my laziness and think about going to the gym mañana.

So, drastic times called for drastic measures: I put on my ‘elephant pants’ (aka ‘yoga pants’), and forced myself to look at myself wearing them in order to shock my system into propelling me back to the YMCA. It did the trick, but I feel like I lost all momentum.

I need to stick to TAKING CARE OF MYSELF FIRST. I finally went to see the doctor about my knees and he sent me for xrays. I enjoyed myself while waiting, by having fun with the questionnaire trying to ascertain if I could be pregnant:

  • Are you or could you be pregnant?  ha ha ha ha ha…
  • Sex (M/F):  almost never
  • Form of birth control: biting sarcasm

Getting a laugh a few minutes later ensures SOMEONE is reading it. The numbness in my leg is such a small localized area, my neurologist doesn’t think it is a flareup (but he also told me to get it checked out a month ago…).


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