Okay, I’m holding steady…

Since my last posting, I have lost only one more pound and I think that I have to either step up my exercise or cut back further with my dieting.  But I'm not going to let myself quit.  This is a life change, not a quick fix.

My new goal is to lose at least 1 lb. a week–but if I can figure out how to speed that up, I will do it.  I knew my weight loss will slow down and at 1 lb. a week, it will take until the end of the summer to lose an additional 20, which is my first goal.

My Calorie.About.com account (I am Darthmom4 by the way) had an interesting article about how as you lose weight, you have to continue to adjust your caloric intake, something that I hadn't taken into consideration.  And there is a great article here about it. 

By the way, I got my 'Die Fat or Get Tough' book from Steve Siebold, haven't read it yet, but plan to soon!

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