Okay… going down…


Yes, my snarky friends… I have hit 185 (which would be ideal if I were 6′ 1″… but I digress). The good news is that I did it with better choices and portion control. I don’t want to call that dieting–it’s more like life change. I can pretty much get rid of my XL and 1X shirts–woo hoo. I can wear my size 14 jeans (I do have one size 14 that is uncomfortable, so they are my “skinny 14’s” that I am working toward.

Of course my big secret to my success is that I still have only 50% taste in my tongue from the last ear surgery. This helps me keep away from sugar, chocolate, bread, etc. I know I will likely have that back by May/June… that will be my big test. I know that I need to get back to the Y and start walking, but walking with Wesley is way more fun. So I need to work out at the Y… catch up with the trainer I spoke with a few months ago and get back on the wagon.

And theĀ upside of my surgery is that is that I am happy to report that I can hear in stereo now. Titanium parts in my inner ear work great. My only issue with titanium in both ears is that loud noises cause pain (probably from vibration), its not that often it happens but I’d be in big trouble at a ball game!

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