Not letting this get to me…

After a tough three months of learning how self-inject my Copaxone, I got a call from ‘Shared Solutions’ (front company for the drug–they called once a month at the beginning) and they suggested that I have a home health aid come out again, now that it has been 6 mos.

I liked this nurse better and she showed me how to more painlessly inject–without the auto-inject that I was KILLING myself with. Seriously, I’d have a painful lump for days and no matter what setting, I know I wasn’t doing it right because now I inject myself and don’t have any issues.

The first nurse told me that she also had MS (had it for years) and just use the auto-injector… and–to add insult to injury–any squeamishness on my part was met by ‘suck it up princess’.  Well, she clearly walked with a limp and has had experienced worse than me, so yeah, it did shut me up. But all’s it made me do was be less likely to complain.

Well, she didn’t know it all… I am better without the auto-injector, so THERE. I’ve perused some support boards and had been seeing people complaining about Copaxone (pain at the injection site)  and until now I’ve stayed out of it (I’m strictly a lurker). In the future, if I see it, I will be more likely to make a suggestion.


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