No kid Halloween


BackyardHappy Halloween– I got up early to get a photo of the sun rising and reflecting off the trees in my backyard.

The yellows are stunning! As you can see in the photo below (view from my front porch) my sugar maples that line the street have gone from green to red… no green/yellow/gold/red this year. Not sure why, is it a weather thing?

2015Oct31-FrontSmSo I sit in envy at my desk… I look out at Ruth’s house across the street and have the perfect view of her green/yellow/gold/red sugar maple. It mocks me.

So this is a very weird Halloween. Beth has a color guard competition and will miss Halloween and Prince Charming is in Italy with his dad wrapping up things after his uncle’s passing. Sarah and Kat at college… sigh.

So, in other news–I bought my baby Wesley a raptor Halloween costume, he is less excited about it, LOL! I think I might make pretzels today. Not sure. Have to think on it. Must. Leave. Candy. Alone. Must. Leave. Candy. Alone…

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