Getting back on the wagon

I’m sick and tired of feeling tired. I need to get back on the wagon and lose weight. I stepped on the scale and weigh more than ever. It has to stop. I need to put as much energy and enthusiasm into making myself thinner and healthier as I do my job.

The warm months are coming and I am going to absolutely hate myself. So, in anticipation of ‘getting back on the wagon,’ I’ve purchased fruit and lo-cal cereal and am going to get on the elliptical today (right after I write this article).

I’m going to take this one day at a time. Actually one hour at a time. I have to resist the urge to eat (and mostly it is just boredom while I am working).

I’m not sure how some women get ‘hooked’ on exercise and the endorphins it releases, but I personally don’t feel the joy (or any joy) of exercising. For me, exercising is right up there with getting sand in my eyes at the beach. Oh well… here we go (to the beach).

The Little Woman

Work-At-Home mother of four who is just WAY too tired these days and need to share some laughter at my life situations or start crying and end up in a padded cell...

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