Don’t let the faces fool you…

Riley & Wesley

Brothers in crime! They are both now officially Therapy Companions for PAWS for People!

My husband joined PAWS last month and certified with Riley, so they are both in! After having a frustrating time with Wesley pulling the leash as we took walks, I tried the gentle leader leash and AMAZING results! So, I tried it on Riley… and it worked even better.

Unlike Wesley, Riley doesn’t fight it (much) and really his lack of ability to cooperatively walk on a leash was the biggest deterrent to him becoming a Therapy dog. He’s a LOT bigger and stronger than Wesley, so it’s a big issue.

Tony & RileySo, without him pulling to go his own way, he is a friendly affectionate dog (who can be easily distracted by wildlife!), but will happily take affection from a stranger and do things like put his head on your chest or your lap if you’re sitting.

This is him at his first PAWS event, a de-stress event at University of Delaware, which was mostly successful… he did have a few moments where he considered taking off and chasing squirrels and birds that were in the park… but we prevailed.

I’m glad they’re in and I’m looking forward to doing things like this with my husband, especially with the kids–and their priorities–mostly gone.

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