And don’t call me…

I can’t WAIT until the darn elections are OVER!!! I’m tired of the incessant calling–want to lose my vote? CALL ME about it!

So, I guess on Wednesday, I’ll be back to just being harassed by telemarketers calling me!  I am on the PA do not call list–what’s up with that?

And they won’t take ‘I am not interested, please don’t ever all me again…’ for an answer… they just launch into their script.  So, I have decided that I have to take matters into my own hands:

Me: Hello?
Derp: Hi, is the man of the house there?
Me: No, and if you find him or the slut he ran off with–HE OWES ME ALIMONY DAMMIT!!!
Derp: *click*

The Little Woman

Work-At-Home mother of four who is just WAY too tired these days and need to share some laughter at my life situations or start crying and end up in a padded cell...

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