Bad Bad Kitty


Bonnie has forgotten her feral beginnings and has declared herself royalty. Oh, and not just of my house. She’s the terror of small animals within a half mile radius.

But now with the addition of Wesley, she is required sometimes to share our bed and she is taking it better than I thought she would (or at least better than when she was younger).

Her latest *thing* is wanting to go out in the morning… not morning when we get up… 2:30 am morning. And if we refuse? Well, let’s just say that one morning the husband and I both refused to get up and let her out so she got quiet and then she jumped up on my dresser and in the center of the triple mirror (and on a pile of clean clothes) she left a gift that stunk up the entire bedroom… so we were up anyway and let her out.

I equal measure love her/want to kill her some days…

The Little Woman

Work-At-Home mother of four who is just WAY too tired these days and need to share some laughter at my life situations or start crying and end up in a padded cell...

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