Back on the wagon

RoundIsShapeNot too long after my last post, I came to a few realizations. The biggest was that I was wandering around in a fog and not really taking care of myself.

I got a call from my pharmacy regarding my Copaxone refill. I counted and had 24 left… when I should have had only about 7. Now, I know I am forgetful, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. I innocently wondered to the guy if they gave me more than 1 months worth (by accident). He immediately gave me to the pharmacist who looked at my history and I usually order 1 months worth every 1 1/2 months. I didn’t realize it because I don’t answer my ‘anonymous’ callers and CVS is one of them. I usually call when I need to reorder–I just happened to answer.

I realized that I was seriously not taking care of myself. I knew my weight was out of control, but I also realized that my skin was terribly dry and itchy, my gums were beginning to bleed when I brush and I was having difficulty sleeping through the night. Not. Taking. Care. Of. Myself.

Well, that all ended with my 200 lb. scale step on Friday, March 8th. WHAT?!!! No way. Dieting alone doesn’t work–and I don’t have patience to just diet and wait the 4-6 months it will take me to lose it by eating eating right. So, I had my freaking out moment(s) and then have rededicated myself.

As of yesterday morning, I am 195 lbs. and I have worked myself up to working off 700 calories before I start my day. I’ve decided not to start work until 8 am. I still get up at 6:00 am, but I first exercise, then brush my teeth WELL, and take my Copaxone shot. Since I’ve extended my workout, I start work at 9:00 am.

My 17 year old and I went for her graduation shots and had a nice day at the mall. I made the mistake of doing a sitting and asked for a few headshots–very depressing. But they are good ‘before’ photos… just wait until I have some ‘after’ photos to share! But we did stop at Macy’s and went to the Lancome counter and I got some excellent skin care products (non-drying facewash and good moisturizer). Made me feel good.

I’m going to start taking care of me now. Wish me luck.

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