On the wagon, off the wagon… who’s counting?


So, you mostly missed the part where I got back on the wagon (last post) and then fell off (until yesterday). I ended up losing 9 lbs. between November 15th and December 31st, 2013 and then literally going to the Y twice the beginning of January and falling off the wagon (with a thump that I think might have caused a small quake). I'm tired of being tired. I'm crazy annoyed with myself that I didn't keep going... I can't help thinking if I didn't stop where I would be. Grrr. Well, in January, I went out of town to visit friends for 5 days and ALSO tripped down the steps and killed both ... [ Read More ]

Don’t faint… but I’m back on the wagon…

Inner Peace

I've been waiting for a lightbulb to go off... a fire to start and something to motivate me to lose this weight (and not just put the covers over my head). It never came. Instead, with the moving back home status of my eldest, who for the last few years been fighting her own weight issues, came her finally wanting to do something concrete about it and join a gym. She wanted me to join with her. And while I would rather stab myself [repeatedly] with a sharp, rusty implement, I knew that I need to not only support her but be an example [yeah, FML--right?]. She is young and pretty and has ... [ Read More ]