Doomsday Advice


I love the 'Walking Dead' series. Not sure why, but the combination of 'horror' (yes, I watch horror, LOL) and the study of the breakdown of society and all its implications. See how regular people would react. Plus... keeps me on the edge of my seat! I've often wondered how long I'd survive (not long, I think) and am fascinated by these tips I am seeing. So, I'm putting them online to help all you other survivalists. This is pretty cool, but I wonder if you don't have chewing gum wrapper, what else would work? I've heard the cautionary tale of 9 volt batteries, loose (in a drawer ... [ Read More ]

Many-Seed Bread


I tried a new bread recipe today... 'Many-Seed Bread' from Peter Reinhart's "Artisan Breads Every Day" book that I bought myself for Christmas. Well, okay, day after Christmas my 16 year old dragged me to the mall and the saving grace of it was that I spent 2 hours in Barnes & Noble. I love Barnes & Noble (plus it spared me from stabbing myself repeatedly with something sharp inside of Forever 21... and getting escorted from the mall). A link to the book on Amazon shows that I could have purchased it much cheaper online (especially since I am a prime member), but at the end of the ... [ Read More ]